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Late August is a peculiar time to start writing about gardening. The summer is coming to an end. The days are getting cooler and the nights are getting longer. The garden is dwindling down but now I finally have a little free time to write.

Today I transplanted Chinese onions and "Red of Florence" onions. I started them in pots and today they graduated to rows in the garden. I planted some white onion sets last week. I should have onions well into November. Every summer I try to save a quart jar or two of chopped, dehydrated green onions. They are so handy for cooking and they keep very well.

Today's bounty included a five gallon bucket of cucumber, a bucket of tomatoes, purple yard long beans, a dozen lemon cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, patty pan and scalloped squash. My lovely and talented Chinese wife, Liu Li Ping is back in Shenzhen, China soLucky is my garden helper. Sometimes he helps me dig. He's also the official garden greeter when kids and neighbors stop for…